How do you like your Burgers?


If you are reading this, you are probably more likely to be going to a Byron or GBK for one than you are to a Maccy D’s or even a Wimpy (they do still exist!). If you are really cool you are eating your burgers after a 3 hour queue from a locally sourced food van, which guarantees a beard hair in every bun.

I don’t like burgers that much. There, I said it. It is essentially a meat sandwich and I would rather leave my meat intact thank you very much.

Do you, or your favourite minced meat sandwich vendor mince their meat themselves? I have asked this question before to be greeted with a look of incredulity. Why would I want that?

Well, because contamination comes from the surface of the meat. By contamination I mean a host of nasties, look it up (on this most American of sites), all the big boys, like Salmonella, Listeria and e.coli. And if, like me, you like your meat sandwich less than chewy, those nasties have not been killed!

So next time you go out, rather than paying £10 for a minced meat sandwich, roll your bacteriological dice at a local ethnic eatery instead, make something tasty and nutritious or hire your friendly local caterer. Or be damned with it and have a burger. We all want one sometimes. Even me.


Author: Jacob Bonwitt